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Protecting Your Rights Through Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies are in operation to make money, as anyone who works is. That said, we see countless instances of insurance companies looking for loopholes and trying to award you a lower payout than what you need and deserve. Welcome to an insurance dispute.

That is where the experienced lawyers at Carpenter & Czelusta take a deep dive into the paperwork, insurance talk, and reports to ensure the battle is honest and fair. We don't want you to get less than you deserve. So, if you are aggravated with the "insurance speak" of the agent you are working with and are getting strangely low offers, contact the insurance dispute lawyers you can trust.

About Insurance Disputes

What we call acts of "bad faith" are the unfortunate reason for insurance disputes. The dispute occurs when the insurance company and the policyholder disagree on the claim results and subsequent payout.

Attempts to lower the claim by the insurance company or bad faith may appear in various forms. Here are a few of the common Acts of Bad Faith:

  • Refusal to thoroughly investigate your claim and examine all the evidence.
  • Denying or undervaluing your claim.
  • Violation of policy terms.
  • Poor communication from an insurance agent to the policyholder.
  • Blame placed on the policyholder.
  • Threatening the policyholder.
  • Misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the terms of the policy.
  • And even frustrating the policyholder to a point, causing you to give up and give in to a low offer.

When you are being mistreated, or the insurance company is acting in bad faith, you need someone to listen and fully comprehend what they are doing and how they are going about it. Call the trial lawyers at Carpenter & Czelusta to protect your home and protect your rights.

With Carpenter & Czelusta, you’ll experience caring personal attention, legal and subject matter expertise, and trial experience that leads to exceptional results.

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Insurance Dispute Examples

At Carpenter & Czelusta, we are experts at deciphering the jargon and identifying the bad faith efforts of insurance companies. We specialize in property damage insurance disputes, personal injury insurance disputes, and auto claim disputes.

Property Damage Disputes

We see it all the time. Your claim for property damage goes denied, undervalued, or delayed for one reason or another. Hiring an insurance dispute lawyer specializing in both insurance disputes and property damage gives you the advantage you need to turn the claim around.

Some of the property damage insurance disputes we address each day are the following:

  •  Water restoration due to pipe breakage or roof leaks
  •  Fire remediation
  •  Storm damages
  • Roof Damage

And there is so much more. If you feel you have a property damage issue, call Carpenter & Czelusta for advice on how to proceed with your insurance dispute claim.


Personal Injury Disputes

Personal Injury law goes hand in hand with Personal Injury Insurance Disputes. At Carpenter & Czelusta, we have the years of experience to negotiate with patients, medical experts, and insurance companies. You can trust our firm to help you get on the way to healing and recovering your losses.

Auto Accident Claim Disputes

Technically, auto accident disputes fall under the "Auto Accident" category and the "Personal Injury" category. With Carpenter & Czelusta, we cover both law areas and insurance disputes with care, expert knowledge, experience, and precision.

With millions of auto accidents in the United States each year, you do not want to be one of the many injured who falls victim to the insurance companies. Our firm will ensure you do not get taken advantage of and get the compensation you need.

Car Accident

Representation by Experienced Trial Lawyers

Policyholders cannot replace the knowledge and expertise of an experienced trial lawyer from the firm of Carpenter & Czelusta. You can count on our compassion for your situation and our understanding of insurance company practice.

Contact Carpenter & Czelusta for a consultation about your Insurance Dispute case.

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